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The core focus of my work as a curator and art historian has been the continuing significance of the avant garde in contemporary art world wide. This is to be the subject of a future book but is prefigured in a book currently with New South Press UNSW expected launch August 2015. The idea of Art: collecting international contemporary art at AGNSW.

The central ideas are built around Duchamp not so much as the critic of the market and delectation, but on his esoteric ideas about consciousness and representation.  This is very closely tied to his re-introduction to representation of the thing itself or the attribute or material that by association conjures the idea of the thing.

Duchamp is only one of many avant-garde artists to find ways to engage an audience in the creative process for him it was the question of the delay in interpretation of his work as it has been for many artists keeping readings open as long as possible but none quite as definitively as Duchamp.  It was this as much as anything that Bacon admired.

The idea of embodied memory and of memory triggered by objects and materials or sensations from the everyday is a strand that lionks many of my projects and in a way exhibitions listed below run one into the other even if this sometimes seems unlikely.

The British Show 1985  AGNSW and Touring 1985-86

Boundary Rider: the 9th biennale of Sydney 1992-93

BODY 1997 an exhibition which develops a view of realism in modern art as it is manifested through works relating to the body.  AGNSW

Trace The inaugural Liverpool Biennale UK 1999

Self Portrait: Renaissance to contemporary 2005-06 NPG London and AGNSW Sdney.

Aperiatur Terra Anselm Kiefer  an exhibition for White Cube and Royal Academy London January 2007 & AGNSW May 2007

Mike Parr:  The Tilted Stage TMAG and Detached galleries Hobart  November 2008 to February 2009

Francis Bacon: five decades AGNSW 2012-13

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