Anthony Bond – selected publications

A radical Iconography of the Violin: The Art of the Possible and the Realms of the Improbable

published in Contemporarey Music Review Vol. 37, No. 4, 292-312 Routledge 2019

Ken Unsworth – A major monograph

Published  ARTAND Foundation Sydney.  Launched August 2018 at AGNSW

Rodchenko: Composition for Call of the Avant Garde

at Heide Museum and Art Gallery Melbourne 2017

Two entries for Alex Rizkalla: Praxis

Edited by Julie Davis and distributed by Books at Manic Melbourne 2017

Reflection/reach and Reflection/feather

essay on Hilarie Mais for MCA Sydney 2017 [view]

British Sculpture Abroad

Essay published by Paul Mellon Centre for Studies in British Art London and Yale Centre for British Studies New Haven 2016 [view]

The violin in art

an essay for Jon Rose exhibition of The Rosenberg Museum at Carriage works Sydney 2016 [view]

Artists in the Blue Mountains

Art Monthly 2016 [view]

Interview with Mike Parr

for Art Almanac to coincide with the NGA exhibition Foreign Looking 2016

The Idea of Art

published New South Press UNSW 2015

Ken Unsworth Conjuring art

Art Monthly August 2014 no. 272 [view]

Francis Bacon (in hindsight)

Craft Arts International 2013  (also versions in Studio International and Look Magazine) [view]

John Beard greets the Sphinx

coauthored with Dr Stephen Bann Hardie Grant Melbourne 2011 [view]

Recalling Bob Law

a chapter in a book on Bob Law pub Riding house press London Non 2009 [view]

Francis Bacon: Five decades

Studio International [view]

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